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Simvacy Essential


Billed Monthly - we also accept cryptocurrencies

Keep your personal number private
across your social messaging apps

Simvacy Plus


Billed Monthly - we also accept cryptocurrencies

The must-have privacy for 2021 giving
you full control and peace of mind


Most frequent questions and answers

All Simvacy plans come with new (not recycled), encrypted, and genuine local or international phone numbers that are unattached to any of your personal details. By using Simvacy, you can stop sharing your private number on your favorite messaging apps which help protect you against Big Tech, fraud and hacks, the miss-selling of your private information, unwanted intrusion, and much more.

After choosing your Simvacy number and plan, it takes less than a minute to activate. Once your chosen Simvacy number is activated, you can protect yourself almost immediately and enjoy peace of mind knowing your privacy is protected.

No, all incoming calls you receive are included in the monthly price, and there are no other hidden charges. We recommend making and receiving calls in-app via WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and more as that will keep your privacy secure. 

Controlling your privacy is our business, and we don’t get involved with yours. Our Simvacy Plus Plan is designed for any sole-traders, micro start-ups and SME’s that want to create a new way to communicate with their customers through WhatsApp Business without having to share private numbers or pay for an expensive separate business line. We’ve also included out-of-app options to ensure you never miss an opportunity. We can even help with coding the WhatsApp Business chat icons into your website – see our support section for more information. All for $6.90 a month.
We don’t believe in tying people to a contract. We have no lengthy tie-ins, just a simple rolling monthly charge and you can leave at any time. We aim to prove our worth so you’ll never want to leave!
No, your Simvacy plan is managed through your dashboard online. There are no downloads, no apps, no sharing data with third-parties.

Choose your number

Choose a number from any country or city available. Click add and head to check out.

Step 2.
Activate it online

Head to your dashboard and click to activate your new number. It's as simple as that.

Step 3.
Enjoy your privacy

Now use your new number. Your one step ahead of the fraudsters and data breaches