The number one problem with all messaging apps? They need your number. 

Simvacy protects your personal mobile number on WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and more...

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parties, and no additional charges

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SIM, Card, or any other hassle

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We don’t believe in tying people to a contract. Come and go anytime

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The worlds largest messaging Apps
A Simvacy number acts as your digital identity and protects your personal mobile number and privacy
Your mobile number is one of the keys that Big Tech and hackers use to gain access to your information and not just any information. Personal data such as your bank details, contacts, date of birth, location, and more are often linked back to your mobile number. Stay one step ahead and protect yourself today by adding a new number across your social messaging apps that is completely detached from your personal data.

Create and add multiple phone numbers to your smartphone instantly
Simply select a plan and phone number below from your preferred country

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Compatiable with
The worlds largest messaging Apps

No app

No downloads, no sharing with third parties, and no additional charges

No SIM card

Forget about getting another SIM, Card or any other hassle

No contract

We don’t believe in tying people to a contract. Come and go anytime

Step 1

Without having to replace your current SIM card or phone number

Add an additional phone number that's not associated or linked to any of your personal details or data

Step 2

Use your new Simvacy number

Activate it online and verify your Simvacy number across your messaging apps

Step 3

Your personal number is now kept private

That’s it! Your personal number stays private and your contacts will instantly update with your Simvacy number

Simvacy Protects

Giving you control and peace of mind

Would you give out your home address to strangers? Why should your personal mobile number be any different? We break the link between what is one of the most important parts of your digital identity, your personal mobile number, from the social messaging and media multinationals – keeping your personal number private from fraudsters, hackers, and identity theft.

The number one problem with all social messaging apps, and not just whatsapp, is their need for a mobile number to use the app. Unwittingly and seemingly without much alternative, we share our mobile numbers often freely, without concern for our privacy.

Why give out your personal mobile number when dating someone you barely know? Going on a first date or testing the waters? You can create a safety net between new matches and past ones without having to share your personal number or worry about your location being revealed.
Simvacy is ideal for anyone who uses WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and WeChat. It’s even more pertinent for those in the public eye: politicians, entrepreneurs, influencers, footballers, celebrities, and more can distance their personal mobile number from location trackers and harassment.


Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day
Giving your private contact information to anyone is not a smart idea
Get Simvacy and stay one step ahead 

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