Mobile Security Without Compromising Usability

Simvacy Mobile Security protects your personal phone number and privacy on WhatsApp, Telegram, Signalapp, Clubhouse, Simply add an additional phone number that’s not associated or linked to any of your personal details or data. Without having to replace your current sim card or phone number. No Apps No Downloads.

Instant Privacy In 3 Steps

Purchase a secured number

Choose a number from any country or city available. Click add and head to check out.

Step 2.
Activate it online

Head to your dashboard and click to activate your new number. It's as simple as that.

Step 3.
Enjoy your privacy

Now use your new number. Your one step ahead of the fraudsters and data breaches

Simvacy digital phone numbers act as a real phone number.

Simvacy is designed to be used across your social messaging apps so you can remove your personal number from view. Which puts a barrier between you and potential malpractice. And just like you’d expect, you can receive calls as well as SMS messages (for those on our Simvacy Plus plan). You can also purchase an unlimited amount of numbers from any state in the US, Canada, or the UK.

Your personal number stays private on your social messaging apps

A Simvacy Number Acts As Your Digital Identity And Protects Your Personal Details And Privacy. Think of a Simvacy number as your second phone number. They only see your Simvacy number on their screen and not your personal number. By creating a new digital mobile number that’s not linked to any personal details you can be one step ahead of Big Tech and hackers and protect yourself from future data breaches or hacks. 

No apps
No downloads
No contracts
No hidden fees

Keeping it simple, there are no downloads, no information sharing with third parties, and no contracts. Forget about getting another SIM card or any other activation delays. There are no additional charges, no other setup fees or disconnection fees, or any other hidden fees whatsoever. You can cancel your Simvacy number via your dashboard at any time.

How to swap your WhatsApp number to Simvacy

Protect Your Social Network Identity And Location 
No one will ever see or have access to your personal phone number associated with your personal account.

Compatiable With
The worlds largest messaging Apps