Using WhatsApp Plus 2020

WhatsApp Plus is a modified and unofficial version of the WhatsApp Messenger chat and instant messaging application that adds more options and customization features. … First of all, it is not an official app, but it is developed from the source code of WhatsApp without the permission of its owners, Facebook. 

It will come as no surprise that you still need to verify your personal mobile number and we recommend using a Simvacy number to keep your personal one private. Even more so as WhatsApp Plus is an unauthorised version of the original popular messaging app.

As mentioned WhatsApp Plus is not an official app from the tech giant Facebook, but it is developed from the source code of WhatsApp without the permission of its owners (i.e Facebook). So as you can imagine, it is not available for download in the official Google or Apple stores and it can only be downloaded and installed via third-party sites. As a result, you won’t be able to get automatic updates and will need to keep your eye on new versions that you will have to manually download and install.

Back to security and privacy, in a nutshell, WhatsApp Plus uses the WhatsApp infrastructure without permission. That means you run the risk of being banned and not being able to use your account when using an unauthorised “jailbreak” version of the official app. But, on the positive side you can hide your connection time, your statuses, apply aesthetic themes and alter the appearance of the interface or wallpapers. There are new emoji’s (although only contacts who also use WhatsApp Plus can see them), the file sending options have also been improved to send files in more formats and larger.

So there are clear advantages to using WhatsApp Plus, but it’s important to stay informed and consider your privacy and security holistically.


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