Use Simvacy for cell phone verifications to get accounts from WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Google or online services where you have to enter your real number.














Receive text and calls online to verify yourself with online services and create second accounts for WhatsApp business, Telegram, Google and many more. We offer you dedicated phone numbers for confirming your mobile phone number for social media networks, popular messengers and many other online services. With our secure phone numbers you can create easily multiple anonymous accounts.
Call verification
Receive calls with dedicated Simvacy phone numbers to verify yourself.
Text verification
Receive SMS codes to create additional accounts for popular services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and many more.
Call & Text verification
Whether by voice, text, or both, online user verification is a necessity these days. With your Simvacy number you can verify yourself on popular platforms on the web and in apps and create second accounts or many other accounts.
How do I best verify myself?
Open the service or app with which you want to verify yourself or create an account. Sign in to your Simvacy dashboard and make sure your phone number is active and you can receive a call or text to your dedicated number.
If you can´t receive a confirmation text message, please try again with a call. Some services like WhatsApp or Telegram will automatically try to call you on further attempts. You will directly receive the SMS or call to the phone number specified in the service. If you get a call it is best to write down your confirmation code.


Dedicated secure mobile number + Voicemail to email

Keeps your personal number private across your social messaging apps completely detached from your personal data.

Pricing information

(Monthly subscriptions are billed month to month. No contract. No obligation. You may cancel your subscription plan at any time.)

Verification call

Includes receiving unlimited verification calls to use your Simvacy number across your favourite messaging apps.


Voicemail to email

Includes unlimited voicemail-to-emails so that anyone who attempted to call you without using WhatsApp, Signal etc, would be able to leave you a voice recording which is then sent to your email address registered to your account.



Compatible with the worlds most popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Clubhouse, WhatsApp Business and more.