Mobile Security: Keep your number public, or make it private?

Online hacking in this modern era is a lot more common than we think. Over 2,200 people are a target each and every day. Personal details and data are exposed by these individuals. Unsurprisingly, the year 2020, has been categorised as the worst year for hacking yet. One big question often thrown in the direction […]

How do celebrities and social media influencers keep their digital life safe?

Separating a person’s digital life from real life (or IRL) is not easy, and you may have wondered how social media influencers and other celebrities do it. Well, more often than not, they don’t do it very well. Since time immemorial, there have been numerous hacks and breaches, and notably, those involved the leaks of […]

What happens when you share your phone number?

We rarely give it a moment’s thought. Consciously, or more often subconsciously, we have been accustomed to sharing a piece of personal information without a second thought: our phone number. Each of us, on average, punch in our digits to sign up to use apps and websites more than 100 times a year — and […]

Trusting Facebook is like Hansel and Gretel trusting the witch

As most of you know, the witch plans to devour the children after fattening them up. With the benefit of hindsight to the classic fairy tale, we can draw our own similarities to Facebook. We The People being the collective Hansel and Gretel. After the revelations of the forthcoming privacy update, Facebook has scrambled to deal […]

All WhatsApp users to take action by February 8th.

In an unprecedented update to its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, WhatsApp is notifying users in many parts of the world that as of February 8th it will share more data with Facebook, the world’s most popular messaging app parent company. Most importantly, users who won’t agree to the new terms will need to stop using the […]

Using WhatsApp Plus 2020

WhatsApp Plus is a modified and unofficial version of the WhatsApp Messenger chat and instant messaging application that adds more options and customization features. … First of all, it is not an official app, but it is developed from the source code of WhatsApp without the permission of its owners, Facebook.  It will come as no surprise that you still need to verify […]

Warning to all UK WhatsApp users

Today Facebook revealed they will be moving their UK user database from Facebook Ireland to Facebook Inc in the USA. Call it a perk of Brexit for Facebook; with looser regulations on data in the US Facebook are reacting quickly, and are not shying away from it. This impacts nearly everyone in the UK as […]

Thousands are swapping their number in WhatsApp should you?

With privacy concerns on the rise, WhatsApp users are increasingly swapping numbers to protect their personal privacy. . New York City — Dec. 7, 2020 — With 2 billion+ users across the globe, WhatsApp is by far the most popular and used messaging app. But, as 2020 draws to a close, more and more WhatsApp […]

How do hackers steal cell phone numbers?

It’s easier than you might think. Phone numbers can be found anywhere – thanks in part to so many data breaches. Often, hackers will find the cell phone number of their target floating around the internet (or from a phone bill in the garbage), and call up their carrier impersonating the customer. With a few […]

Controlling your data is a lucrative business

The big internet companies like Facebook and Google have effectively seized the narrative around privacy in recent years. Their business models rely on data hoarding and controlling vast amounts of personal information to support their advertising revenues. They make a disingenuous nod to privacy, hoping to convince the public that the most important things about […]


Dedicated secure mobile number + Voicemail to email

Keeps your personal number private across your social messaging apps completely detached from your personal data.

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Verification call

Includes receiving unlimited verification calls to use your Simvacy number across your favourite messaging apps.


Voicemail to email

Includes unlimited voicemail-to-emails so that anyone who attempted to call you without using WhatsApp, Signal etc, would be able to leave you a voice recording which is then sent to your email address registered to your account.



Compatible with the worlds most popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Clubhouse, WhatsApp Business and more.